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Our success began in the mid 90’s and 2000’s when real estate markets were exceptionally challenging and strong skill sets and customer confidence / relationships were required to achieve sales that were unheard of at the time. Fast forward to the present and we are presented with similar factors where concise planning and consultation is required at the land purchase phase. This is where we excel and our track record is evidence of these claims being made.

Consultation & Idea’s

Lets get together and share your goals and vision and experience as to how our expertise can be of service to you, and how we can achieve the results by working as a team.

Strategic Planning From Inception to Action.

We are here to help strategize everything from land acquisitions to pro forma analysis to rezoning assistance to highest and best use for a given market regarding unit mix, layout and sizing. The successful development does not begin with the “sales” but rather at the inception of the land purchase.

The Development Phase

As most of our clients have established relationships with many leading professionals, our goal is to work hand in hand with the Developer’s chosen team to produce the very best product specific to the target market. We also have many consultants that can be recommended upon request.

The Marketing Plan

After 27 years and many successful developments, our team is able to provide hands on expertise on how to successfully assist interested customers to become satisfied customers, whether virtually or in person.

Sales & Customer Satisfaction

As our industry has changed with respect to how a potential Customer is represented and how the Developer is represented, it is of utmost importance that the Customer knows they are being treated properly by a member of our team and to ensure the Customer’s utmost best interest is in mind. This is where VMG excels.

And now repeat this process again with your next project.

This is our ultimate goal and the only way to achieve it is to be sure the Developer obtains their goals, with customer satisfaction being a top priority.

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FRED MOY (梅嘉明) 604-830-3938


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